NEW Online Consultations

Learn in this video how online consultations work for osteopathy?

How do online consultations work for osteopathy?


Osteopathy online? Until recently I hadn’t thought about this option, however we are all facing changed circumstances with restrictions from the spread of Covid-19 and we have all had to adapt. I’ve given it a lot of thought as to what support and guidance I can provide patients through online consultations and there are a lot of ways that I can help.

For example:

  • Working from home:  After a few weeks, a poor home office setup can cause a lot of musculoskeletal pain in the spine, shoulders and wrists. Over the years, I have done many assessments for desktop ergonomics, so I can work with you to create an environment that is pain-free.
  • Pain from chronic conditions: For those that are struggling with ongoing pain from chronic conditions, I can help with some practical exercise and other lifestyle advice to reduce this pain. Not just for spine and joint pain, I can offer support for many chronic conditions including those suffering with migraines, headaches and post-concussion symptoms.  Many patients benefit from having an advocate to make sure that are also receiving the best medical care for their condition.
  • Injury: With lock down restrictions starting to be relaxed, many are returning to exercise. I've seen a higher number of injuries because of returning to sport after a period of reduced activity.  I can help with recovery from these injuries and build strength to keep you exercising. 

I’m Alex and I graduated from the British school of Osteopathy in 1999 and I’ve practiced in the UK, New Zealand, Canada and now practicing as an Osteopath in Chamonix, France.   

The online consultations are 30 minutes, using Zoom or WhatsApp. For new patients, I will take a full case history.  I offer consultations in English and French. I’m offering the online consultations at 50% of the cost of an appointment in my practice.